Smart Roomz


A Perfect Holiday

Rent a beautiful room in Atlanta and surrounding Metro Area that meets your budget and style. Move into one of our safe and beautiful locations. We have a room for virtually anyone can get the room of their dreams

Rent Requirements

  • Present 1 type of Income verification
  • 2 Months Bank Statements
  • 2 Months Pay card statement
  • 1 Picture ID

Move In Fees

Administrative Fee                                 $89

Brokers Fee                                             $99

Criminal Background                                $39


Total Fees                                                 $227

Fees are applied only if tenant is approved.

Rent Payment Terms 

All rents are paid according to your Income.

Example: If you are

  • Paid Weekly: You Pay Weekly
  • If you are paid Bi-Weekly You pay rent Bi-Weekly
  • If you are paid Monthly You Pay Rent Monthly

Winter Offer

25% Off
-Minimum stay 4 nights.
-Early booking.
-Breakfast included.
-Free cancellation (see terms).
-New Years free champagne.
-Hiking tours with hosts.
-Winter equipment.

Special Events

5% Off
-Minimum stay 2 nights.
-Up to 10 guests.
-Breakfast included.
-Free cancellation (see terms).
-All rooms.
-Cleaning included.
-Late check-out.